• Image of Mirror Visors - Ganador
  • Image of Mirror Visors - Ganador
  • Image of Mirror Visors - Ganador
  • Image of Mirror Visors - Ganador
  • Image of Mirror Visors - Ganador



These are cnc laser cut from the same 1/8" acrylic that our canards are made from. So there will be a wide variety of colors AND you can have them match your other existing Aerowolf products.

These are thermoformed into this shape. They are rigid/non flexible. This is not a universal style product. These were designed to work with Ganador aftermarket mirrors. That being said, some other mirrors have a close enough shape that these will also work on them. We will update the list below as we find out which other mirrors these will work on.

APPLICATION: These will come with a piece of 3M VHB already applied. You'll just need to clean the inside of your mirror housing. Remove any dirt and debris. If its really cold out you might want to warm the mirror up with a heat gun. Then just peel off the red layer and stick them up inside your mirror. Hold them FIRMLY in place for at least a minute. It can't hurt to use some little clamps if you have them. You may need to adjust the lens back a little to give enough room for them to mount up in there.

PLEASE NOTE: These WILL interfere with the movement of your mirrors lenses.

4th Photo:
- Fluorescent Orange/Pink (Tends to look more orange)
- Fluorescent Green
- Fluorescent Blue (Very close to a regular clear, but with a nice blue cast/edge glow to it)
- Fluorescent Yellow
- Smoked
- Red
- Dark Blue
- Purple

5th Photo - These are a gloss finish on the top and frosted/matte on the bottom:
- "Poppy" Red
- "Passion Fruit" Pink
- "Dafodil" Yellow
- "Kiwi" Green
- "Caribbean" Turquoise
- "Pacific" Blue

Non pictured colors:
- Medium Blue
- Fluorescent Red(similar to the Orange/Pink in the first photo. But Less orange pink and more red haha)
- "Wisteria" Purple. This is one of the frosted options.
- "Citrus" Light Yellow. Another frosted option. This is MUCH paler/washer out than the dafodil pictured above.

Also work with(may require some massaging with a heat gun or some trimming:
-Mazda RX7 FC3S S5 Aero OEM mirrors
-Mazda RX7 FC3S S4 Aero OEM mirrors
-Mazda RX7 FC3S S4 Base model OEM mirrors
-Nissan S13, S14 and S15 OEM mirrors (Very tight fit, but does work. See the 3rd photo).
-Nissan R32, R33 and R34 OEM Mirrors
-Infinity V35(02-07) G35 Sedan (NOT COUPE) OEM mirrors
-GKTech aftermarket Mirrors

Shipping is FREE on these bad boys in the USA! We will ship everywhere else in the world for an additional charge.

Like always, shoot us an email if you have any questions: