• Image of EV1 Endplates (Pair)

!NEW! Green and Yellow are now options! These are cnc laser cut from 1/4" acrylic. You have the option of getting them "Undrilled" where you would have to drill your own holes to mount them to your wing. OR with one of our predrilled options.

The endplates seen in this photo are the Fluorescent red. This color changes colors depending on the lighting scenario and most often looks especially orangish on black cars. In front of white it will have a distinct pink cast. In really low light it will start to look more red. These endplates were also ordered un drilled, and the customer drilled his own holes.

Endplates are typically made to order so please allow some time for construction, if you are on a tight schedule please shoot us an email to see if there are any currently in stock or if we could quickly manufacture these for you.

An Aerowolf sticker will be included with every endplate order!

MATERIAL DISCLAIMER: Acrylic is very strong, and looks awesome! BUT it is also very brittle. If these are dropped they will likely chip or in a worst case scenario crack and or break.

Feel free to email me with any questions!

And go give @bennywhiles a follow on instagram! He provided this amazing photo of these endplates as seen on @nightfurys2k's car!