• Image of CV3 Canards (Pair)
  • Image of CV3 Canards (Pair)

*MADE TO ORDER* Please allow up to 10 business days for these products to be manufactured and shipped.

The 3rd addition to the Aerowolf modular canard system. These can be attached directly to your car or they can be used in conjunction with our splitter baseplates(sold separately).

These canards made cnc laser cut from 1/8" acrylic plastic and come in a variety of colors!

They measure in at 14.75" long and 3.5" tall.

*Please Note* These will not fit on the Small size front bumper baseplates.

An Aerowolf sticker is included in every order.

IG - @morgaan showing off the V3 canards in the black(opaque) option. He is also running the side skirt baseplates with them.

MATERIAL DISCLAIMER: Acrylic is very strong, and looks awesome! BUT it is also very brittle. If these are dropped they could chip or in an extreme worst case scenario break.

Feel free to email me with any questions!